links for 2009-11-27


3 Responses to “links for 2009-11-27”

  1. getify Says:

    I’m starting to work on how to respond to the question “why not just concat everything into one file, then you don’t need a loader at all.” I posted a comment to that effect to simonw here:

    Long and short of it is, I believe having 2 (maybe 3) files will in the long run be a better, faster loading profile, if a dynamic loader like LABjs is used, than if you shove everything into one file and force it to load completely serially, byte-by-byte.

    But, again, even if you still insist that one file is the best for your site, using a loader like LABjs will still help it load in parallel to the rest of the page’s resources (CSS, images), which will improve your site’s page load profile.

  2. breyten Says:

    Thanks for the explanation! I’ll play with it to understand better 🙂

  3. getify Says:

    Also, I put up this blog post just now to help explain it a little more in depth:

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